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Yoga - Escape your mind and give it a break

In this busy information world, we have followed our minds and left our bodies behind! Do you want to feel better, quieten your chattering mind and give yourself a bit of self-care?

What is yoga?

The great sage Patanjali answered this question in his text 'The Yoga Sutras 1.2: ''Chitta Vritti Nirodha'' 

Yoga is the practice of uniting the body and mind, shushing our mind chatter and linking movements to the breath.Vinyasa yoga focuses on linking movement with the breath in a flowing sequence and suitable for students of all levels. The magic with Vinyasa (my style of yoga) is that yes the bendy and flexi poses can be fun but really all you need is to ‘have a body to do the yoga’!


Have a body and do the yoga!

Vinyasa Flow is modern and versatile form of yoga - taken from Hatha yoga and the Ashtanga yoga system. My teaching style is open and accessible, making sure that we listen to the body that day and nourish ourselves with an intuitive flow. Variations are given for all yoga poses as appropriate for each person’s practice that day, week or even year. 

Starting with gentle stretches, then building up with core, hip openers and twists or possibly challenging postures, then slowing down with deep relaxation towards the end. Savasana or sleeping posture being the most important pose to tie it all together.

NB: Yoga asana (poses) are best enjoyed on a close to empty stomach, so avoid a large main meal in the 1.5 -2 hours before your practice. At most have a piece of fruit or energy ball for example 1 hour beforehand. Coconut water is a great addition to water to keep sugar levels up. 

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