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Yoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDON

Yoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDON

Yoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDONYoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDONYoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDON
Reiki healing workshop in Balham

Reiki Energy Healing✨

So what is Reiki?

Reiki literally helps you to 'raise your vibes.' A subtle energy healing system through touch (can be either hands on or off) that originated from Japan. A gift from our True Self. Reiki sessions are a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. I personally feel like I've woken up from a long restorative practice or sleep and ready to face London life again. Reiki is a holistic healing system which means that sessions can be tailored to what may be going on in your life - it also follows the more commonly known chakra system that also came from the East through yoga. And yes it can be seen as somewhat 'woowoo' and hippy but so be it. I felt as skeptical as your are right now!

I was super skeptical about Reiki until I had treatments myself on yoga retreats  and then also trained in Reiki level 1 (first degree) myself. Mostly out of curiosity but also the attraction of a natural kind of healing. All I can say is that I definitely felt something (a lot!) during the training and paired with the meditation part of the course most definitely found it soothing. It was an intense but magical weekend. As soon as I got over the detoxing days that often come after being 'attuned' I felt ready for level two pretty much immediately. Reiki just shifts something up in your body and soul - always for the good mind - and I felt empowered and a greater sense of clarity and just more aligned.

Reiki is a powerful complimentary therapy for anything that feels out of balance. Some of the many benefits are: deep relaxation, anxiety/stress relief, mental clarity, emotional healing and spiritual growth. A perfect pairing with a yoga practice - more at peace with yourself and better wellbeing.

The principles of Reiki completely sit with my heart; in sum: be true, be gentle and be kind, we do not give ourselves enough kindness these days and this includes holding onto stuff, ideas and or thoughts that are not helping us! These really resonated with me as at the time was grieving a recent loss in the family and had been working with the theme of 'kindfulness’ in my yoga practice and life off the mat.

Now a Reiki practitioner (Second degree Okuden - Usui method) I can offer Reiki sessions via several mediums - in person is much preferred, either at your home, at my home or if time is that limited via remote session, aka 'distance healing.' 

A gift from our True Self

Just for today

Do not be angry

Do not worry

Be grateful

Be true to your way and your being

Be kind to yourself and others