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Yoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDON

Yoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDON

Yoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDONYoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDONYoga and Wellbeing IN BALHAM & LONDON

A bit about me and my yoga journey


My name is Andrea, I work in the city and like you, need a little escape from the grime and gritted teeth of London today.    

Everybody starts somewhere, so start where you are     

Yoga to me is about escaping my mind and giving it a break. It is now how I reclaim my oft-forgotten body. These are the fewest words with which I can explain what yoga means to me – my yoga 'elevator pitch.’ I came to yoga, like many through the lens of anxiety and a level of dissatisfaction with my life goals and how I defined ‘success’.  

Looking back to my first few classes - I had no clue what I was doing, I could not touch my toes or hold a Warrior for very long. But I did know that I left classes feeling that bit lighter, a sense of relief and strong desire to continue this form of mindful movement that had initially been so foreign to me.  

The yoga love was not a slow burner and a year and a bit later, I successfully began my year long teacher training course with YogaLondon (200 Hours) accredited by Yoga Alliance, Topping this up with various courses including Ashtanga with David Swenson,  Yoga Therapy for menstruation and fertility h with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Yin yoga with Nathalie Dubreu, Yoga for Mental health and Anxiety with The Minded Institute and Restorative yoga with Adelene Cheong

A path to balance and wellbeing


Today the path is clear! If asana or physical poses are not working for me that day, week or month. That’s fine as yoga provides a full toolbox that I can easily pick and choose from, starting from simple steady breathing, extended pranayama breathing exercises, to yogic philosophy and living a more mindful and conscious life both on and off the mat.    

We are more than the frazzled person rushing from A to B to do C while worrying or anxious about D and E! 

We need to consciously bring more balance in our lives.   

Yoga and mindful movement has the power to improve your life for the better. I am still early on in my yoga journey and the impact of starting a regular practice are unforeseen and before you know it you are hooked line and sinker!   

Your yoga practice


Starting your own yoga journey can be a powerful move towards a more empowered and mindful life. We waste so much of our precious time worrying and being anxious about the past or the future. This does not serve us. 

Wake up your brain cells and breathe new life into your body   

Luckily, we do not already need to be fit, flexible or look like someone from Instagram or TV. If the elder yoga Sages took in and taught eager students, including quadriplegics, what is stopping you from breathing new life into yourself.  

We only need to start very small and take very small steps. This is an easy one for as long as you can breathe you can do yoga! I look forward to supporting your yoga journey.

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